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At the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN), we celebrate the culture, caring, and spirit of Hispanic Nurses, the leading voice of health in our communities. Since 1975, NAHN has been the nation’s leading professional society for Latino nurses. With a growing membership and more than 40 local chapters, NAHN represents the voices of Latino nurses across the country. NAHN and its chapters are committed to advancing health in Hispanic communities and to lead, promote and advocate for educational, professional, and leadership opportunities for Hispanic nurses. For professional support that can only be found here, Join NAHN. To learn more about our association, read the NAHN Bylaws

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What's New With NAHN?

Daily Schedule Announced for NAHN 47th Annual Conference

conference schedule
Meet Us in Miami!

BIG NEWS! We are thrilled to announce the daily schedule for the NAHN 47th Annual Conference, "Innovations in Care: Addressing Disparities to Create Equitable Outcomes, Navegando La 'Nueva Normalidad.'" Join us for invigorating scientific sessions, intriguing poster presentations, networking in the Exhibit Hall, a spectacular Gala, fun-filled local events, and much more. We can't wait to gather together at the Hyatt Regency Miami to learn, connect, grow, and celebrate! Click below to view the schedule.  

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Upcoming Webinar with NAHN and Alzheimer's Association

Alzheimer's Webinar

"Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body: Tips from the Latest Research"
June 29 at 8pm Eastern

June is Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month. Join NAHN and the Alzheimer's Association for a virtual workshop that will cover lifestyle habits associated with healthy aging (cognitive activity, physical health and exercise, diet and nutrition, and social engagement) and the steps we can take to maintain overall health in each area.

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NAHN Policy & Advocacy Statement: Supporting Access to Sexual & Reproductive Health Care

reproductive health


Since 1973, the landmark ruling of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court granted women in the United States, the fundamental right to make their own sexual and reproductive health care decisions, to include access to abortion care. Should Roe v. Wade be struck down, “trigger laws” banning access to abortion care would be activated across 13 states in less than a month, widening disparities in health care access, which would largely impact communities of color. A recent survey conducted by the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice (2022) found that 74% of Latino registered voters agree that a woman has a right to make her own personal, private decisions, relating to reproductive health choices.

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) supports the right for privacy and the right for all persons to make the best decisions about their own health, with evidence-based information, access to high quality clinical support and without coercive treatment. It is within a nurses’ scope of practice to share with their patients in an unbiased manner all relevant information about their reproductive choices that are available to them and to support that patient regardless of the decisions that patient makes. Nurses do have the right to refuse to participate in sexual and reproductive care based on ethical grounds, as long as patient safety is assured, and alternative sources of care have been arranged (ANA, 2021).

NAHN will continue to advocate for state and federal policies that improve access to safe and timely reproductive care. As nurses, the most trusted profession in the country for the 20th consecutive year in a row, our role in advocating, educating, and guiding our patients on issues related to nursing care and sexual and reproductive health is essential.

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Are you ready to share your talents on the national level? Apply to join a NAHN Committee! Our committee volunteers assist NAHN with important projects and initiatives, providing leadership and expertise to areas like finance, education, membership, communications, research, policy, diversity, awards and more. Click below to express your interest in one or more committees before July 1.

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NAHN Statement on Racism and Gun Violence

NAHN Statement

NAHN Statement on Racism and Gun Violence 

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) stands with the victims, families, and communities over the last weekend who experienced the tragic events due to racism and gun violence. We continue to face these public health crises and it is our duty to advocate and improve the health and safety of the communities that we serve. As nurses, we stand for the protection of all citizens through policies that provide mental health and public safety and work towards dismantling all facets of racial hatred, bias, and violence within our communities.

As an organization, we condemn the vitriol that sparked these individuals to cause harm among the communities of Buffalo, NY, Orange County, CA, and other locations throughout the United States that perpetuates hate towards communities of color. NAHN is centered on promoting the health of communities of color through education, mentorship and advocating for policies at state and federal levels. We are dedicated to preserving the rights of all individuals through concerted efforts toward diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.  

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NAHN 2022 Leadership Candidates Announced

2022 Leadership Candidates
Meet the 2022 candidates for leadership positions with NAHN National. 

Seven individuals are currently candidates for leadership positions with the National Association of Hispanic Nurses. Voting by NAHN membership will take place online from June 1 - June 8, with the elected candidates beginning in their new seats in July 2022. Details about the voting process and information about the candidate campaign statements will be sent to NAHN members via email on May 3. 

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NAHN Statement on the RaDonda Vaught Verdict and Sentencing

NAHN Statement

NAHN Statement on the RaDonda Vaught Verdict and Sentencing

Nurse Vaught was convicted of impaired felony abuse and acquitted of reckless homicide, in connection with a 2017 medical error that was associated with a patient’s death at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. This verdict will have a lasting effect on our health care workforce. Nursing has worked diligently with other health care professions to create a “just culture” to reduce patient safety incidents, including medication errors. A “just culture” seeks to address the various root causes for (medication) errors and create an environment of psychological safety for health care staff to speak up and report near miss and patient safety incidents in real time. Research has shown errors are committed in systems fraught with staffing, communication, morale, and ethical issues. A “just culture” supports nurses and all health care providers to report medication errors for unbiased root cause analysis so that systems can develop action plans to prevent further errors.

As we continue to promote a culture of continuous improvement within our health care systems, the May 13th, 2022 non-criminal sentence of three years’ probation for Nurse Vaught reduces the fear that nurses face when reporting errors in the workplace. There is still much work ahead to reduce the psychological and physical burden that health care workers face in working within health care systems that are prone to medical errors, but nursing leaders can lessen the burden by ensuring facility level policies are current and based on the most recent evidence. NAHN calls on health care leaders to review the improvements made at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, to glean on how to improve their own internal policies and procedures related to medication administration. 

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NAHN Joins the Health Equity Coalition for Chronic Disease


Eliminating barriers to healthcare is at the heart of Health Equity Coalition for Chronic Disease. NAHN is honored to be a part of this new coalition working to update coverage policies disproportionately harming communities of color. Our first-year initiative will focus on obesity — a chronic disease and a driver of health inequity in America. Obesity leads to dire health consequences across communities of color, yet it is treatable and preventable. Together we can expand access to comprehensive obesity care.

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Conference Registration Now Open

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Join us for the NAHN 47th Annual Conference!

Meet us in Miami! Registration is open for the NAHN 47th Annual Conference, taking place July 12-15, 2022 at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Miami. Don't miss your opportunity to gather in person with healthcare professionals from around the country who are committed to supporting Hispanic nurses and communities. Join us for invigorating educational presentations, an engaging expo, local family-friendly activities, and much more. Paid conference registration includes a ticket to the celebratory conference gala, the most-talked-about event of the conference weekend!  

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NAHN Joins the Nurses Obesity Network


NAHN President Dr. Adrianna Nava recently announced NAHN's involvement in the Nurses Obesity Network, a diverse group of nursing organizations committed to changing the way we view, treat, and advance care for people living with obesity – including members of our own nursing profession. 

There is more to weight than what we see. Obesity is a chronic disease which requires more than one approach to weight management and treatment. More than 2 in 5 Americans are living with excess weight or obesity today, with disproportionate prevalence in communities of color, yet people living with obesity often lack the health care they deserve. Collectively, nurses are role models for wellbeing, champions for change, and advocates for better obesity care and treatment.

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NAHN Joins CfH and ANHE to Promote Healthy Environments

NAHN Climate for Health

NAHN is a proud member of the Nursing Collaborative on Climate Change and Health, a partnership with the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments and Climate for Health. ANHE is the only national nursing organization focused solely on environmental health issues. Climate for Health is a national initiative that brings together leaders and institutions across the health sector committed to advancing climate solutions to protect the health and well-being of Americans.

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NAHN Calls for More Federal Action to Keep Nurses and Hispanic Communities Safe

In response to the global Coronavirus pandemic, the National Association of Hispanic Nurses is calling on the federal government to protect nurses by increasing the production and distribution of personal protective gear, to develop a more robust Spanish-language public awareness campaign on the virus, and immediately approve an increase in funding to ensure that ICE detention facilities, already lagging in providing basic care, can improve and carry out necessary healthcare measures. NAHN urges greater federal intervention to assist state and local governments in their efforts to supply healthcare systems with personal protective equipment, ventilators, hospital beds, and other critical necessities.

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International Weight Control Registry

International Weight Control Registry

The International Weight Control Registry is an online research project that will help identify the most successful weight loss strategies for different population groups worldwide. It is a new approach that starts with real people and experiences.   

How it works:  A team of experts from five top research universities built registry to help create the next generation of weight loss science discoveries. You are eligible to join the registry if you are 18 years or older and have lost weight (whether you subsequently regained your weight or not) or are interested in losing weight. By joining, you will receive news and updates on the IWCR’s work and insights, as well as access to social media channels reserved for participants. Please consider enrolling in this online community contributing to the science of lasting weight loss, building better practical knowledge and support.  

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NAHN Focuses on Facts in Response to COVID-19

NAHN recommends that members and the public continue to practice good hand hygiene and follow CDC recommendations on everyday preventative actions. Concern, and even fear, are normal reactions among the public. That worry can be managed with accurate information, and NAHN urges members of the public to stay safe, smart, and informed.

The World Health Organization social media campaign "Be Ready for COVID-19" provides advice on how to protect ourselves and others. NAHN supports the practice of training healthcare professionals in early identification and notification. Nurses must receive the highest level of protection to provide care for the individuals and communities in which they serve.

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Hispanic Role Models in Health Care Careers

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) Grant