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We celebrate the culture, caring and spirit of Hispanic Nurses, the leading voice of health in our communities. Since 1975, NAHN has been the nation’s leading professional society for Latino nurses. With a growing membership in 47 local chapters, NAHN represents the voices of Latino nurses in our country. NAHN and its chapters are committed to advancing the health in Hispanic communities and to lead, promote and advocate for educational, professional, and leadership opportunities for Hispanic nurses. Join NAHN for professional support that can only be found here.

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NAHN 46th Annual Conference

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2021 Sponsor and Exhibitor Prospectus

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses has put together a comprehensive selection of exhibitor and sponsor packages for 2021. We rely on our supporters to fulfill our mission to advance health in Hispanic communities and promote educational, professional and leadership opportunities for Hispanic nurses, increasing the number of bicultural and bilingual nurses who provide culturally competent care to Hispanic communities.

NAHN conference programs are designed for nurses, nurse educators, researchers, clinicians, case managers, healthcare innovators, and students. We know corporations, academic institutions, and strategic allies benefit from having a presence. The sponsorship prospectus also includes options for digital advertising and providing web-based content to reach NAHN’s nearly 2,000 members.

Please direct any inquiries to NAHN via email.

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Our 2021 election will begin on June 14, 2021, and will continue for 14 days. The election will officially close on June 28, 2021.



If you have any other questions about the NAHN election, please direct those to me by e-mail so that a written record of election questions can be maintained.

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Martin Nava

Executive Director


NAHN Joins CfH and ANHE to Promote Healthy Environments

NAHN Climate for Health

NAHN is a proud member of the Nursing Collaborative on Climate Change and Health, a partnership with the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments and Climate for Health. ANHE is the only national nursing organization focused solely on environmental health issues. CfH is a national initiative that brings together leaders and institutions across the health sector committed to advancing climate solutions to protect the health and well-being of Americans.

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NAHN Statement on Call for Justice and National Healing

So far in 2020, the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) thought our greatest threat was the pandemic, but we were wrong. While we have had months of unprecedented challenges facing the nursing community on the frontlines, our nurses have been fighting more than a pandemic, we are fighting for our communities, relentlessly advocating for marginalized individuals, and unite when injustices occur. We have been working for our communities who time and time again are treated poorly or simply overlooked. As nurses, we show up every day to support those who are victims of systemic racism and inequities in health care.

Today we are standing in solidarity with our allies in the fight against social injustices and to decry the senseless killing of George Floyd at the hand of police because injustices of people of color have become a societal norm that we can no longer tolerate. It has reminded us, yet again, the system is broken, and we call for profound and essential change in order to reach justice, civility, equity, and freedom from the historic and unceasing systemic racism experienced daily.

NAHN will not forget this egregious act. NAHN is committed to being an advocate and agent of change our society needs.

National Association of Hispanic Nurses
Officers and Board of Directors

NAHN Calls for More Federal Action to Keep Nurses and Hispanic Communities Safe

In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) is calling on the federal government to protect nurses by increasing the production and distribution of personal protective gear, to develop a more robust Spanish-language public awareness campaign on the virus, and immediately approve an increase in funding to ensure that ICE detention facilities, already lagging in providing basic care, can improve and carry out necessary healthcare measures. NAHN urges greater federal intervention to assist state and local governments in their efforts to supply health care systems with personal protective equipment, ventilators, hospital beds and other critical necessities.

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NAHN Focuses on Facts in Response to Covid-19

NAHN recommends that members of the public continue to practice good hand hygiene and follow CDC recommendations on everyday preventative actions. Concern, and even fear, are normal reactions among the public. That worry can be managed with accurate information. NAHN urges members of the public to stay safe, smart, and informed. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently launched a social media campaign called "Be Ready for Covid-19" that provides advice on how to protect ourselves and others. NAHN supports the practice of training healthcare professionals in early identification and notification. Nurses must receive the highest level of protection to provide care for the individuals and communities in which they serve.

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Hispanic Role Models in Health Care Careers

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) Grant