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The National Association of Hispanic Nurses is pleased to announce the distribution of scholarships to NAHN members in 2023! The scholarship program was very competitive, and NAHN thanks the generous funders and scholarship partners who are actively helping to raise the level of professionalism of Latino nurses.

NAHN 2023 Abbott Scholars

  • Lisa Diaz, CDCES
  • Derek Guanaga
  • Kim Kim, MSN, RN, CDCES
  • Cenovia Liliana Trespalacios Florez
  • Jose Llanas, RN
  • Laura Mata Lopez, RN, APRN
  • Elsie Rivera, APN, RN
  • Daisy Ortiz, CNA

NAHN 2023 Suncrest Cares Foundation Scholarship Recipients

  • Mikaela Johnson, BSN, RN 
  • Maria Rivera, RN 
  • Perla Sanchez-Perez, RN 

NAHN 2023 AHNCC Nurse Coach Fellows

  • Mirell Adame, BSN, RN
  • Rocio Sanchez, RN

Arizona College of Nursing

  • Jennie Timmerman - AZCN Tempe Campus

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis for the Arizona College of Nursing Scholarship and Aguilar-Cuellar-Toben (ACT) Research Grant. See below for more information.

2023 NAHN Scholarships - EXTENDED for AZCN & ACT Scholarships


Each year, NAHN awards scholarships to active and eligible members who are enrolled in accredited LVN/LPN, associate, diploma, baccalaureate, and graduate nursing programs for the next academic year (2023-2024). Scholarship recipients are a select group of nursing students who demonstrate promise of professional contributions to the nursing profession and who have the potential to act as role models for other aspiring nursing students. 

The number and types of scholarships offered each year is dependent upon the amount of money in the scholarship fund. Members are encouraged to donate to support future scholarships. The selection of recipients is based on many factors including financial need, academic merit, course of study, supporting documentation, and other factors specific to each scholarship. Grant opportunities and eligibility requirements are described below.

NAHN Scholarship applications were open from February 22-March 22, 2023. The AZCN & ACT Scholarship applications are still open on a rolling basis as long as funds remain. NAHN is offering $194,000 worth of Scholarships to NAHN members in 2023! Not yet a NAHN member? Join here by the time you submit your application.

APPLY for AZCN or ACT Scholarships TODAY 



Eligibility Requirements 

All applicants must be: 

  • NAHN members in good standing before the application deadline. To become a NAHN member, visit our membership page and click the Join Now button.  
  • Attending/enrolled in an accredited full-time nursing program. 

Application, Notification & Announcement 

The 2023 scholarship application period will begin February 22 and end March 22, 2023. It is strongly recommended that applicants not to wait until the last day to submit an application. Successful scholarship applicants will be notified by email by June 7 and will be honored in person at the NAHN Annual Conference. 

  • The scholarship application period begins February 22, 2023 
  • The scholarship application period for Abbott, AHNCC, and Suncrest ends March 22, 2023 
  • Scholarship recipients for Abbott, AHNCC, and Suncrest will be notified by June 7, 2023
  • Applications for the AZCN & ACT scholarships are being accepted on a rolling basis.

Application Materials

To help prepare for your application, NAHN recommends that you begin gathering the following materials, which will be required to by all applicants to be considered: 

  • 1 Academic Letter of recommendation from your Dean, academic advisor, current faculty member attesting to your academic performance, enrollment, expected graduation, participation/involvement in activities, future potential, and lists the applicants full name and the name of the scholarship they are applying for. 
  • 1 NAHN Letter of recommendation from your local NAHN Chapter President or a National NAHN Board Member who can attest to your membership, involvement, and participation in chapter meetings, activities, and programs impacting the community (note: required for AZCN scholarship; optional for all other scholarships).  
  • Transcripts showing your current enrollment in a nursing program. Applicant may upload a digital PDF copy of official transcripts or have official transcripts mailed to NAHN by the application deadline. If you are in the first semester of a nursing program or are beginning this fall and do not yet have transcripts, you can upload transcripts from your most recent school or program. If digital copies of transcripts are included with the application, selected scholarship recipients will be asked to send official transcripts to NAHN from their university. 
  • Resume or CV 
  • Proof of enrollment in your nursing program 
  • Personal essay up to 500 words. Note for the AZCN Scholarship – essay should begin with: “An AZCN-NAHN Scholarship will allow me to “(discuss career goals, area of focus, financial need, and how you will improve the health and social conditions in your community). 

Selected scholarship recipients will be required to sign an agreement and provide a W9 form for their university’s financial aid or scholarship office.  


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I apply for if I am not going for my PhD or undergrad (LNP/RN)? 
    The Suncrest Scholarship is open to all nursing specialties at the undergraduate and post-graduate level, including PhDs, DNPs, PMS, CNS, APRN, BSN, RN etc. 

  • Is there a way to leave an open application and finish it later? 
    Yes, the application form in SurveyMonkey is setup with the ability to edit until ‘submitted’. This means that you can leave the page and come back anytime to alter or add to your answers until you hit the final ‘submit’ survey button. Please note, it will only track a form in-progress and auto save on the same device. 

  • Is a NAHN letter of recommendation required? 
    The Arizona College of Nursing (AZCN) requires a letter of recommendation from a NAHN Chapter President or Board of Directors. The NAHN recommendation letter is optional for all other scholarships. To contact your local chapter, you can find their information here: 

  • Can the letter of recommendation be from a professional contact instead of a faculty member, Dean, or academic advisor? 
    For all scholarships except from AZCN a letter from a professional contact (such as a supervisor) is acceptable, but a faculty member, Dean or academic advisor is preferred. The Arizona College of Nursing (AZCN) scholarship is the only one that does require the letter of recommendation to be from a faculty member, Dean, or academic advisor

  • How can I submit more than one transcript if I have been to multiple schools?
    You can only upload one file to the application, so we encourage you to merge your transcripts from the schools into one PDF. Mailing transcripts is not required, only offered if a school is unable to provide a digital transcript. When contacting your school, we recommend asking them to email the transcript directly to you, so you can then upload a PDF version to the application form.  

Additional questions? Email us at


Thank You to Our 2023 NAHN Scholarship Partners



Abbott Scholarship Fund

Improving representation from diverse populations in clinical trials is paramount to reducing health disparities and better understanding the impact of the next generation of health care therapies across all populations. Yet historically, barriers to access for minority patients, alongside a shortage of minority investigators and clinical research personnel have limited some trials from truly representing the people who will ultimately benefit from a medication, product or therapy.

To address these issues, Abbott is offering scholarships for future trial leaders to support the training and education for the future leaders of clinical trials. In addition to building training, education and research infrastructure needed to support diversity enrollment in clinical trials, the new initiative also aims to overcome traditional barriers to expanding diversity in trials and ultimately improve health outcomes in more minority communities.

Abbott's scholarship program is designed to: 

  • Support the next generation of minority physicians who will go on to lead clinical trials
  • Support minority nursing students who will go on to support the trials and process or function as clinical research coordinators
  • Expose more minority medical and nursing students to the research process
  • Help develop the next generation or caregivers who can break down barriers to clinical trials in their communities.

The Abbott Scholarship Fund will provide awards of $10,000 each to 8 total qualified applicants in 2023. Of the 8 awards, 4 of the scholarships will be awarded to nursing students; 1 scholarship will be awarded to a nurse practitioner path student; and 3 scholarships will be awarded to PhD path students.  

Application period is closed for Abbott Scholarship Fund.


Arizona College of Nursing Scholarship 

The Arizona College of Nursing (AZCN) strives to prepare students to participate in society and the workforce as productive, responsible, and engaged citizens and as educated individuals to meet the community’s future healthcare needs. This is accomplished through living the AZCN values and focusing on teaching within a highly structured and disciplined educational environment. 

Arizona College of Nursing is awarding 10 scholarships in the amount of $10,000 each to students pursuing nursing degrees at the undergraduate level who are current students or enrolled to begin classes at Arizona College of Nursing.

Eligible campuses include the following: Tempe, AZ (no longer available)., Phoenix, AZ., Tucson, AZ., Las Vegas, NV., Dallas, TX., Fort Lauderdale, FL., Tampa, FL., Salt Lake City, UT., Southfield, MI., Falls Church, VA., Sarasota, FL., Ontario, CA., Cleveland, OH., Cincinnati, OH, and Aurora, CO. Each Arizona College of Nursing campus (as listed above) is limited to one (1) awardee per calendar year.

Awardees should exemplify a dedication to service within their community and a desire to expand that service by way of a career in nursing. 

Applications are OPEN for AZCN Scholarship, accepted on a rolling basis. Only 1 awardee per campus location, so only available campuses will be listed above until the position is filled.


Suncrest Cares Foundation-NAHN Scholarship Program

Suncrest Hospice has a mission and strong conviction to support, uplift, and advance the care of patients and their families, which begins with better education for healthcare workers. Many of Suncrest’s hospice, home health, and palliative office locations serve Hispanic communities. Working together through a scholarship program, NAHN and Suncrest Cares Foundation can give opportunities to nursing students to benefit the communities both serve.

The Suncrest Cares Foundation-NAHN Scholarship Program will provide scholarships to students pursuing nursing or nursing-related degrees at the undergraduate or graduate level (DNP/PhD), who exemplify a dedication to service within their community, and a desire to expand that service by way of a career in nursing. A total of $10,000 in scholarships will be awarded. The number of recipients and individual scholarship amounts will be determined during the selection process. 

Application period is closed for Suncrest Scholarship.


AHNCC Nurse Coach Fellowship

The American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC) is offering a Nurse Coach Fellowship to one NAHN member in 2023 who meets the AHNCC criteria for Nurse Coaching Certification. The role of Nurse Coaching is evolving quickly at the national level, and AHNCC certified Nurse Coaches work in many different settings including Intensive Care, Adult Health, Mental Health, Pediatrics, Community health, Independent Practice, with new mothers and their newborns, end of life, etc.  

The Fellowship packet being offered is valued at over $3000.00 and includes the following:  

  • Tuition from a designated national Nurse Coaching Program 
  • Mentorship from an AHNCC certificate for the duration of the application and testing period. 
  • Practice test fee  
  • Examination Registration fee  
  • Re-sitting fee if needed  
  • The Art and Science of Nurse Coaching: The Provider's Guide to Coaching Scope and Competencies, 2nd Edition.  

The selected NAHN member will have 2 years to complete the Fellowship program and take the certification examination. A certificate will be provided to participants upon completion of the Fellowship. Upon completion, participants can also include their completion of the AHNCC Nurse Coach Fellowship in their CVs. 

Application period is closed for AHNCC Nurse Coach Fellowship.

Aguilar-Cuellar-Toben (ACT) Research Grant 

The ACT Research Grant provides one $1,000 award to a Latino Ph.D. student who is a member of NAHN and who is conducting either quantitative or qualitative research to improve health care outcomes of the Latino population. Allocation of the funds will be based on the quality of the proposed research, the future promise of the applicant as a Latino researcher, approval of the dissertation chair, IRB approval, and the research budget. This grant was developed in honor of “Nena” and “Tia Pat” - mother and sister of Norma Cuellar’s (President of NAHN from 2018-2020).

NOTE: This opportunity requires a separate application, which can be submitted HERE.

Applications are OPEN for ACT Research Grant on a rolling basis.


Congratulations to NAHN Scholarship Recipients Through the Years