NAHN Leadership Candidates

The following individuals are candidates for leadership positions with the National Association of Hispanic Nurses. Voting by NAHN membership will take place online from June 1 - June 8, with the elected candidates beginning in their new seats in July 2022.

NAHN National Board of Directors - 2022 Candidates

2 Open Seats

abraham delgado

Abraham Delgado
Fort Worth, TX

Personal Background Statement: My name is Abraham Delgado and I am seeking election to serve on the national board of directors. I became a member of NAHN during my third semester of my ADN program. Upon graduation I became an emergency department nurse at the Dallas County Hospital where I was employed for five years. For approximately the past year I’ve been working in the same capacity in the Methodist Healthcare System in Dallas. Prior to starting my road to becoming a nurse, I served in the Marine Corps for 13 years with multiple deployments. In those experiences I worked with people from multiple backgrounds and became proficient in problem resolution by developing good communications skills. Last year I was appointed to the board of directors by the board when a seat was vacated. Since being appointed to the board, I was tasked with reestablishing the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Committee while also serving as co-chair for the Membership Committee. I hope to be reelected to the board as we have entered a very exciting time with our new management company with some great plans for the continued growth of NAHN. I look forward to continuing to serve the membership if reelected. 

Analia Elizalde

Analia Elizalde
Winnetka, IL

Message to Members: As a first-generation immigrant who worked hard to achieve the education and positions I hold today, it is my goal to show the youth in the Hispanic community we all can make it. I overcame obstacles because there were good people who held my hand when I struggled. It is my duty today to hold the hand of others to show them they too can achieve higher education. They, too, can become nurses and help our healthcare system be more diverse. Along with the outstanding NAHN leaders, I will work tirelessly to achieve health equity to ensure our beautiful culture and community receive the care every person deserves regardless of the place of origin or where they live.

Thank you,


Personal Background Statement:

It is with a humble heart that I would like to be considered for the open NAHN Board of Directors position.

I have been a nurse for over 20 years and started my career in Argentina working as a Perioperative Nurse. I worked in the Operating room for more than 12. In 2008, I immigrated to the US with my husband. I worked at Duke University in NC before we settled down in Chicago in 2011. I had a working hiatus while taking care of my twins. And then, in 2016, I went back to school to fulfill my dream of becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner. I earned my degree with high honors at Chamberlain University in 2018. I am a dual Board-certified FNP. In my search for a family-friendly work schedule, I came across school nursing, and in 2020, I earned my Certification of School Nursing at ISU. I am currently the Health Services Department Coordinator of New Trier High School, Illinois. Additionally, I am pursuing my Doctor of Nursing Practice with an Executive Leadership track degree at ISU. My expected graduation date is August 2023.

Over the years, I have worked very hard to own the professional wisdom I have today to nominate myself. If elected to serve on the NAHN Board of Directors, I will use my experience to assist the President, the fellow members of the Board, and all the NAHN members as needed. I will be committed to work alongside everyone towards promoting the role of the Hispanic nurse in healthcare, how we bring health equity to society, and how each employer reflects a welcoming diversity place when we are part of their teams.

The professional expertise combined with the roots of the Hispanic culture provides the perfect environment for the free exchange of nursing ideas across the Illinois land and beyond. As a member of NAHN and NAHN-IL, I believe our duty is to promote the importance of this organization. The impact we, Hispanic nurses, have in our communities and society. The representation and work we tirelessly do to safeguard the dignity of our culture. It is our duty and responsibility to ensure our culture has a voice within the nursing community.

It is my hope I am elected to serve our amazing Hispanic Nursing community.


Grace Grau
Leeds, AL

Updated Message to Members (view her slide here): 

Dear NAHN Colleagues,

I am writing to urge you to VOTE4GRAU on June 1st. Read on and you’ll see why. 

Coming out of a 2-year period of duress from COVID with much remaining uncertainty, we are at a crossroads. NAHN is at a critical point of creating a portrait for success following disruptions and duress on NAHN members resulting from the pandemic as well as recent changes to our executive board and management company.

Some have voiced frustration, disappointment, uncertainty as to what direction NAHN is taking. The way I see it, there is always an adjustment period following any major event.  I would like to encourage you to view where we are now as an opportunity to reconnect and continue moving forward. I want to be a part of this forward movement and urge you to stay the course. You will not regret it!

Change is slow, but these are some of the positive things I’ve seen with the changes:

  • More visibility of what is happening at the National level with the start of the quarterly forums
  • Effective and prompt communication from the management company. We can now connect in a timely manner with live people when we call and have expeditious resolution.
  • Regular emails from NAHN updating us about upcoming deadlines, opportunities to attend educational offerings from partners.
  • Efforts to formalize processes by developing policies AEB the NAHN National Conference Student Sponsorship Policy.

The current administration has begun the task of rebuilding, and we need to acknowledge their efforts and do our part by not blaming them for the errors or omissions of the past, offering them grace as they work to position NAHN to be stronger, providing strategies that inspire, heal, teach, build trust and help us reconnect with each other while forming new relationships and networks. 

Some of the things we need to continue working on is gaining a greater public presence in matters that affect our work environments, staffing levels, and the nursing workforce.  We all saw what recently happened with Nurse Vaught in Tennessee. The American Nurses Association in collaboration with the Tennessee Nurses Association wrote a letter to the Judge requesting leniency for her.  I don’t ever want one of our nurses to have to face what Nurse Vaught experienced. 

As we head into a critical nursing shortage, the door is wide open, waiting for someone to cross the threshold.  Inevitably, governmental funding will become available. With over forty chapters across the U.S., we as an organization are in a great position to promote nursing as a career choice to Hispanic youth, to lead and make the greatest impact on restoring a nursing workforce, one that will be culturally competent, diverse, and able to take care of us. This must be a priority. I want to be a part of this.

Keeping in mind that together we are stronger and can achieve more, we must remain mission focused, re-establish trust, expand our reach, be present, be seen through every venue and media, be part of something BIG and continue to make an impact! This is what NAHN is working on and I want to be a part of this.

On June 1, Elect the candidate with a proven track record who is passionate, caring, willing, able and genuinely interested in advancing the causes of NAHN. VOTE4GRAU

If you haven’t made it to one of my Meet, Greet & Share sessions, please join me for one of these three:

  • May 19 @ 1 pm CST
  • May 31 @ 6 pm CST
  • June 3 @ 10 am CST


Hasta Pronto :)

Grace Grau

Personal Background Statement:

I am writing to express my strong interest in serving on the NAHN National Board of Directors.

I am a strategic and innovative nurse leader with vast experience and far-reaching collaborations with nursing and interdisciplinary colleagues, societies, colleges, and community partners.

Below, are bulleted descriptions of some my experiences, impacts, qualifications, and strengths.

• 1985-Joined NAHN as student member
• Inducted to the American College of Cardiology
• Health Policy - grass roots and state and national legislative visits
• Mentor LatinX students and faculty
• Served on the education committee -American Heart Association
• Served on the Advance Practice Committee- Alabama Board of Nursing
• Charter member- Robert Wood Johnson Alabama Health Action Coalition
• Served on the NAHN Policy and Advocacy Committee
• Principal Investigator in 5 research grant- producing over 750 Latinos in Alabama participating in All of Us
• Led community collaborations between minority nursing organizations in Alabama
• Volunteer at a clinic that serves uninsured Latinos

As you can see, since chartering NAHN AL, I have led efforts to advance and position the NAHN AL as a credible organization to advance NAHNs mission and vision. I look forward to joining the Board.


Gloria Loera
El Paso, TX

Campaign Message to Members (see flyer here): 

Gloria M. Loera, DNP, RN, NEA-BC
Board of Directors Candidate

The content of this campaign has been reviewed and approved by Gloria Loera, DNP, RN, NEA-BC.

  • Engage with peers in accomplishing the goals of the organization’s strategic plan. 
  • Contribute to the positive perception of NAHN by assuring sound fiscal policy & management of the organization. 
  • Participate with the review of policies and guidelines. 
  • Ensure financial viability to provide scholarship opportunities and support professional development. 
  • Contribute to leadership succession and legislative involvement. 
  • Serve both the organization and members with trust and attention to ensure the advancement of Latino/Hispanic nurses and healthy communities. 

Personal Background Statement: I earned my undergraduate and doctorate degree, in Executive Nursing Leadership, from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Lubbock and my master’s degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. I have twenty plus years of experience encompassing women’s health, diabetes management, and nursing leadership. I belong to the American Nurses Association, American Organization for Nursing Leadership, Association for Leadership Science in Nursing, National Association of Hispanic Nurses, Texas Organization for Nursing Leadership – Education Committee, Sigma Theta Tau, Southwest Organization of Nurse Leaders – Secretary/Treasurer, and Texas Nurses Association. I was the inaugural treasurer for NAHN, El Paso Chapter, and the Co-Lead for the Texas Team Upper Rio Grande Region Leadership Team. In 2017, I completed Leadership El Paso and Leadership Texas class of 2019.

In 2016, representing both NAHN and the Texas Team Upper Rio Grande Region, I successfully coordinated with Texas Healthcare Trustees Nurses on Boards Coalition training. This form of engagement will continue as Board of Director. I will contribute to NAHNs position of advocating for members and communities. Moreover, I will serve both the organization and members with trust and attention to ensure the advancement of professional nursing and healthy communities.


Alex Nava
Asheville, NC

Alex Nava Personal Background Statement: My wide-ranging professional, volunteer, and personal experiences would be a great asset to the NHNA. To put it frankly, someone from my background could not have accomplished what I’ve accomplished without discipline, tenacity, and drive. From growing up in the Ramona Gardens projects in East Los Angeles to then graduating from Yale University with a degree in History of Medicine & subsequently earning a Master’s in Nursing degree from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, my personal, professional, and educational experiences have primed me with the relevant knowledge and skills to bolster the nursing profession and serve NHNA members by acting as director of NHNA.

From arranging transportation for recently discharged Medicare patients at an accountable care organization (ACO) to feeding confused patients at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, my goal has always been to be a health advocate for patients.

I’ve served as a medical interpreter for Spanish-speaking patients at a community clinic during my undergraduate years, and continue that work in my role as a registered nurse at MAHEC. I’ve conducted a sustainable development internship in Cuernavaca, Mexico and since then have strived to work in organizations whose goal is to alleviate health inequities and provide quality healthcare to all patients.

In addition, I have done extensive work in medical & nursing education, as a rheumatology fellowship coordinator at a large academic hospital, and as a clinical placement coordinator at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, helped to facilitate the launch of the first APRN fellowship at JHSON. Each of these positions required extensive knowledge and application of medical/nursing education- allowing me to reconcile similarities and differences between both branches of clinical training. I hope to be able to apply the knowledge gained from these experiences into my work with the National Association of Hispanic Nurses.


NAHN National Nominating Committee Candidates

3 Open Seats

Armando Riera

Armando Riera
Miami, FL

Personal Background Statement: There isn't a day that goes by that I am not thankful for the fact that over 30 years ago I consciously chose Nursing as my career. I devoted my calling to quality patient care, intentionally proactive in the implementation of NAHN's recommended practices.

My involvement with NAHN at local, state, and national levels has provided me with the opportunity to serve my community as a proud Hispanic nurse and meet numerous dedicated members. I incessantly encourage membership as well as leadership. Through meeting members in a variety of settings, I have listened attentively and developed a clear understanding of their needs, enabling me to better represent and advocate for their individual and collective voices.

I was fortunate to be the first Hispanic to serve on the National periOperative Registered Nurses Nominating Committee, and I would be beyond honored to become a member of NAHN's Nominating Committee. I cherish the opportunity to further serve NAHN through recognition, development, and mentoring of future leaders. You can count on my passion, wholehearted energy, and authentic willingness to keep serving firmly committed to "advancing the health in Hispanic communities and to lead, promote and advocate the educational, professional, a·nd leadership opportunities for Hispanic nurses".


Wendy Santiago
Bluffton, SC

Personal Background Statement: In my 18 years of nursing, I have worked in a wide variety of areas which has included working with geriatric patient, family medicine, hospital, hospice, and the latest mental health. Where I live in SC, there is a larger than expected Hispanic community. I noticed the lack of healthcare that is available to this population due to financial reasons. I have also seen the need for education for preventative healthcare and chronic illnesses. After working as an RN for many years, I recognized the demand for providers in the mental health care field so I became a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. This has heightened my attention to the lack of knowledge and understanding of mental health within the Hispanic community.  My goal has always been to advocate for, educate and equip the Hispanic community to close the disparities that exist in healthcare. There are so many reasons these disparities exist but ensuring they have the resources to improve their healthcare is paramount for this change. Many nurses and other healthcare providers would help if they had the tools to do so. I’d like to be part of a team that assist in developing leaders that will work together to build bridges and improve the outcomes for our Hispanic community as a whole.