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The National Association of Hispanic Nurses is asking for donations for nurses residing in Puerto Rico. We all know of the mass destruction that our US commonwealth faced with Hurricane Maria. Our hearts are with those that must face the resulting devastating conditions as they rebuild and plan for the future. Puerto Rico already had a fragile economy and a healthcare system with various challenges. Nurses’ salaries in Puerto Rico are 49% below the national average ($33,000/year). With the closure of health care facilities, it has left many nurses without jobs resulting in little other choice than to move to the United States mainland. Puerto Rican nurses are not eligible to work in the mainland unless they take the NCLEX exam (which is not required in Puerto Rico).

NAHN would like to support our Puerto Rico nurses and help with the licensure process in the United States mainland.

  1. Puerto Rico RNs will take the ISPN through CGFNS. The ISPN is a predictor test of successful passing of the NCLEX.
  2. After passing the ISPN, with your donation, NAHN will provide a $250 stipend to pay for sitting for the NCLEX licensure exam. These funds will go directly to nurses who have passed the predictor exam.

Please donate money to this fund to go directly to this critical initiative to assist our Puerto Rico nurses.

All of your contributions are tax deductible and NAHN is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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