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NAHN National Association of Hispanic Nurses® is a non-profit professional association committed to the promotion of the professionalism and dedication of Hispanic nurses by providing equal access to educational, professional, and economic opportunities for Hispanic nurses.

NAHN is also dedicated to the improvement of the quality of health and nursing care of Hispanic consumers.

Mary Lou de Leon Siantz, PhD, RN, FAAN

Mary Lou de Leon SiantzMary Lou de Leon Siantz, PhD, RN, FAAN is the Assistant Dean of Diversity and Cultural Affairs University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. Previously Mary Lou de Leon Siantz was a Professor in the School of Nursing and Health Studies and Director of Milagros, Center or Excellence in MIgrant Health.  Milagros' mission is research, training, technical assistance, and service learning in Migrant Health and Migrant Education.  She has served on the Advisory Council of the National Institute for Nursing Research. 

She was formerly the President of Advocates for Child/Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing and the National Association of Hispanic Nurses.  She was a founding member of the Association. She has been a member of the National Academy of Science Institute of Medicine Committees on the Health Status of Immigrant Children and Patient Safety and the Workforce Environment, as well as a Consultatnt to the Committee on Workforce Diversity in the Health Professions.  She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing. 

Dr. de Leon Siantz currently serves as a member of the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Infant Mortality.  She is also a member of the NIH Nursing Science: Children and Families Study Section, Center for Scientific Review.

She is internationally recognized for her research with migrant children and families.  She has collaborated with the Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatria Ramon de la Fuente Muniz of Mexico and is a Senior Fellow of the Fundacion Solaridad Mexicano-Americano.  Most recently she was appointed to serve on the Pan American Heatlh Organization's Mental Health Nursing Network for the Americas and the Research Committee of the California-Mexico Health Intiative. 

Nationally her funded research and publications have focused on Risk and Protective factors that affect the mental health of migrant famlies as well as the cognitive, social/emotional development and school readiness of mirant children.  She has been recognized by the Texas Migrant Council for her research with migrant families. 

She is listed on the Who's Who among Hispanic Americans and most recently recognized among the Top Latinas in Health and Science by Hispanic magazine.



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