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NAHN National Association of Hispanic Nurses® is a non-profit professional association committed to the promotion of the professionalism and dedication of Hispanic nurses by providing equal access to educational, professional, and economic opportunities for Hispanic nurses.

NAHN is also dedicated to the improvement of the quality of health and nursing care of Hispanic consumers.

NAHN Corporate Members

The Clorox Company

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) is delighted to announce that The Clorox Company has joined the NAHN Family as a Corporate Member.

For generations, The Clorox Company has been committed to making products that promote a cleaner world and healthier homes. As part of that commitment to the well-being of families everywhere and from all cultural backgrounds, they are launching an initiative created specifically for Hispanic families.

They believe that nurses are often the frontline of healthcare for Hispanic families and as such, they are creating the Clorox Hispanic Nurse Network, comprised of school and family nurses, to serve as our trusted ally and ambassador to the community, to disseminate its health and wellness messages.

Members from NAHN that wish to be part of the Clorox Hispanic Nurse Network in 2012, can apply if they reside in any of the following markets: Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Houston, Dallas and Chicago. Applicants should send a photo and short paragraph in Spanish to describing the following:

  • Their past media experience
  • Thoughts about being a bridge between Clorox and the Hispanic community
  • Comfort level delivering messages in Spanish for media interviews

*The deadline to submit essays is Monday, October 31st.

Once essays are reviewed, three to five finalists per participating market will be asked to create a short video in response to a media question, as well as share a few Clorox tips.

Based on the candidate’s communication skills and ability to convey Clorox messages in Spanish, five to seven nurses will be selected to be part of the 12-month program and awarded an honorarium. Should travel be necessary at any time, Clorox will cover all travel expenses.

This 12-month non-compete contract will include the following responsibilities:

  • Participate in one video to introduce him/her on our Clorox Facebook page
  • Act as spokespersons for Clorox broadcast opportunities (4 per year/contract term)
  • Participate in no more than 6 media interviews with print media
  • Write bylines on Clorox’s Spanish language website and use on Facebook (1 to 2 bylines per nurse/per contract term)
  • Have Facebook presence and highlight content (1 Q&A per contract term)
  • One to two nurses may participate in consumer live chat on Facebook

Clorox is thrilled to be working with NAHN to build the Clorox Hispanic Nurses Network who will help promote a cleaner world and healthier homes for Hispanic families around the country!

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