Candidates Provide Platform Statements as Campaigns for NAHN Offices Begin

NAHN's Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the following slate of candidates for upcoming elections. Each candidate has provided a platform statement. The election process will begin in June, and more information about voting will be sent as the election date draws closer. 

For President-Elect

  Alana Cueto, MSN, RN, CNL
Historically, NAHN hosts a volunteer event at every national conference leaving its footprint in its host city. It is my pledge that our footprint be recognized as the spirit of Hispanic nurses who are the leading voice of health in our communities. As the population and influence of Hispanics continues to grow locally and nationally NAHN stands poised and ready to engage the global community. It is my goal to lead and expand NAHN’s network through capacity building. Having the ability to recognize and forge relationships between key stakeholders at multiple levels within the organization, community and or government agency. VOTE Alana Cueto for President-elect-- Championing the voice of Hispanic nurses locally, nationally and globally! Follow my NAHN national campaign for President-elect on social media via FB, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter @acsqr #familia #NAHNnurse #Cueto4PrezElect #Committed2Nursing

   Eloisa Tamez, PhD, RN, FAAN
Of 3,063,163 registered nurses in the United States with only 3.6 percent Hispanic nurse representation. The Hispanic population is the fastest growing minority population and comprises 53 million or 17 percent of the total population in the United States. A major deficit exists in the number of health care providers proportionate to the demand. We as the National Association of Hispanic Nurses must commit to develop strategies and business plans to assure an increase in Hispanic population enrollment and successful completion in nursing programs. We must assure that Hispanic nurse leaders assume leadership positions not only in service but in academia. Only then, will the landscape of Hispanic nurse representation impact health care service, education and research.

For Board (2-Year Term)

   Ruth Amador, MSN, RN
The National Association of Hispanic Nurses exemplifies leadership, inspires collaboration, and fosters a sense of community. As a nurse educator, community leader, and representative of a professional nursing organization, cultivating a collaborative platform to bridge local and national organizational solidarity to elevate the profession, increase membership and advance leadership opportunities for Hispanic nurses is my personal pledge to the organization. Personal commitment will be placed on innovative methods of recruiting new members and creatively motivating the existing membership to become nurse ambassadors at the local and national level. Through advocacy, incorporation of organizational cohesiveness, facilitating linkages between shared views, experiences, and professional expertise, my commitment aligns with the National Association of Hispanic Nurses’ vision on engagement and recruitment. Dedication to these core principles will promote organizational growth and give rise to a new generation of nurse leaders nationwide.

   Christina Machuca, RN
Nursing came to me later in life. My “aha” moment came when my husband’s cousin became very ill. I was in the hospital every day for four months. Speaking with his doctors, specialists, & nurses. Keeping his family calm, explaining what was happening in layman’s terms they could comprehend. It’s daunting to be put in that position, not understanding the medical jargon being spoken around you, to have it not be in your native tongue made it worse. Thankfully Carlos recuperated, he asked me why I never thought of becoming a nurse. Maybe I just needed someone to say it out loud. Regardless, I strive to be the type of RN who advocates for all who fall under the scope of my practice. I strive to be the type of human who shows all that it’s never too late to change the road we are to travel.

   Carli Zegers, BSN, RN 
I would be honored to join the NAHN Board with the focus on increasing the resources provided to individual chapters with a special focus on enhancing the new chapter and new member experience. I believe that NAHN has a unique opportunity to disseminate information about the best ways to increase diversity in nursing across the nation and I pledge to assist in developing a unified and innovative voice which represents the mission and vision of NAHN. Finally, I pledge to increase the opportunities for nurses to connect and expand their professional development through increasing member communication, leadership opportunities, educational advancement, and expanding NAHN’s current capacity for continuing education. I hope, with the support of great leaders and members of NAHN, that we can continue the great legacy of supporting Hispanic community and nurses across the nation – together we can continue to make a difference.

For Nominating Committee

   Mayra Garcia, MSN, RN, PCNS-BC

I joined NAHN in 2013 with the desire to serve the Hispanic community with others who shared the same passion. NAHN has provided me with friendships, mentors, and leadership growth opportunities. I hope to be given the chance to serve NAHN at the national level in their Nominating Committee.

   Jorge Prada, NP, RN, MS, FNYAM
There is a joy in reading the election ballots, candidates, their platforms and bios. The role of the Nominating committee is paramount in all this. I would like to be part of this team that reviews and ensures that our Elections continues to be times for renewals through the presentation of strong candidates of high caliber for our Board of Directors. I have been working on many leadership positions within NAHN for few years. As President of the New York Chapter, I have gained enough experience understanding membership and what moves them when it comes to seeking leadership positions. I have also gained insights on what interests them when it comes to election processes and candidate selection, and of course, understanding the why’s members want to make a difference by running for office. Adding to these, my energetic, passionate, committed, goal oriented and innovative forward-thinking personality, I could definitely help the committee in continue to delivery fast and efficient election systems that inspires our membership to participate and help NAHN to the next level. I am ready for the challenge, let’s do this!

   Claudia Valdez Lowe, MS, ANCP-BC
NAHN is the voice for the 2000 Hispanic nurses across the country; and as that voice NAHN is committed to leading, promoting and advocating for the educational, professional, and leadership opportunities for Hispanic nurses. As a longtime member of NAHN, I would be honored to serve this organization as a member of the Nominating Committee. When I joined this organization in 1995 I was a young nurse with essentially no Hispanic role models in nursing to look up to. After I joined the organization, I realized there were many nurses out there who looked like me. This organization fostered a sense of camaraderie, solidarity, and opportunity for service to the local communities. I am now ready to serve NAHN in a leadership capacity. As a member of the Nominating Committee I would like to serve our organization by continuing the legacy our colleagues have established