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NAHN National Association of Hispanic Nurses® is a non-profit professional association committed to the promotion of the professionalism and dedication of Hispanic nurses by providing equal access to educational, professional, and economic opportunities for Hispanic nurses.

NAHN is also dedicated to the improvement of the quality of health and nursing care of Hispanic consumers.

2014 NAHN Viajero Award Winner

Congratulations to NAHN's Phoenix Chapter on winning the first-ever NAHN Viajero Award!

The 2014 NAHN Viajero Award winner was announced at the 2014 Annual Gala during NAHN's Annual Conference in Miami, Florida.

The Phoenix Chapter experienced the highest percentage growth and the highest percentage retention rate of all the NAHN Chapters.

Do you want to learn how this chapter achieved this incredible feat? The Chapter has generously shared their secret of success below!

Membership Recruitment and Retention: The Effectiveness of Expectations and Follow-up

The recent winner of the Viajero Award, the Phoenix Chapter of NAHN, has reason for its growing numbers.  This reason is found in three specific characteristics that pervade the Phoenix Chapter: their WHY, their expectations, and their follow-up. Bienvenido a la Familia! Is the WHY of NAHN Phoenix. Welcome to the family. And they act like a family in many ways:

  • They meet regularly (once a month).
  • They eat together through the meals provided by the sponsors.
  • They provide for each other’s needs through pertinent educational presentations at meetings, CEU’s, time to visit and check-in with each other, scholarships for students, etc.
  • They see themselves as important. They tell each other and those who visit why they are important to each other, to the world of nursing, and to the Hispanic community locally and at large.
  • When a visitor comes, they welcome them in and invite them to be part of the family.

Expectations of the Chapter: There is an old adage that says “People rise to the level of expectation.” Phoenix sets the bar high in terms of what they expect from themselves:

  • They expect to meet regularly every month. They find places to meet with sponsors who will provide them with a light meal.
  • They expect to have people join or join in: when you come as a visitor, you have to either RSVP, which gives your contact information, or come with another member and give your contact information at the door. You will be welcomed and made comfortable AND you will be invited to join. After the meeting, you will be sent an email thanking you for coming and inviting you to join NAHN. If you choose to come to other meetings without joining, you will be expected to contribute $25.00 to the scholarship fund each time you attend a meeting.
  • They expect members to be proud and happy to be a part of NAHN. Membership is seen as a privilege.
  • They expect members to contribute in some way: through joining, through greeting visitors and new members, through working on a project for the chapter or in the community, through going to the conference, through leadership, etc.
  • They expect themselves to show appreciation to each other and to NAHN.
  • Board Members are expected to be greeters at meetings and to help recruit. Leaders are visible and accessible.
  • Members are expected to ask friends and colleagues to come along and see the chapter in action.
Follow-up is Key: No one is ever invisible in Phoenix  
  • New members are sent an email and receive a phone call welcoming them to the chapter.
  • Renewing members are sent a notice via email reminding them to renew.
  • Former members are sent a survey asking them to give feedback on the chapter and on NAHN.
  • Visitors are sent an email welcoming them and inviting them to join. Their names are put on a prospective member list.
  • Prospective members are invited to all functions and events. When there, they are asked to join.
  • A computer for electronic access or membership applications is available at all chapter meetings so that visitors can join and members can renew on site.
  • The leadership follows up with the National Office to make sure that people who say they have joined have paid and are in the data base system.

There is a sense of energy, purpose, welcome, and belonging to Phoenix NAHN. They take themselves seriously. They perceive that who they are and what they do is vital. They invite others to join their community and they have an action plan in place to accomplish that goal.

And from the Chapter itself. . .

Five Things That Have Helped
the Phoenix Chapter Succeed!

1.        Meaningful Topics at our meetings.  We evaluate our members and see what they want to learn about throughout the year and take that information when we find our sponsors or speakers.

2.        Monthly Meetings!  We have a set schedule for our meetings, always the third Thursday of each month and we also have a light meal that is provided by our host.  In return our host can share information on recruitment, health care services, or academic/scholarship programs for nurses.

3.        Quick Response to potential members!  Personal outreach either by telephone or email to people who are interested in joining our organization.

4.        Get New and Young members to assist with recruitment!  They want to be involved they just don’t know how, but can be mentored through this.  We give them important tasks and then they feel they have invested in our organization they tend to renew!

5.        Benefits of belonging to the chapter-When people attend our meetings, we let them come once to a meeting as a guest.  After that we ask them to join or to donate $25 to our scholarship fund.  It is a privilege to belong and benefit of belonging to a professional organization!



2017 Annual Meeting


2017 Annual Conference
July 18-21, 2017
Phoenix, AZ


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